Sunday, June 27, 2021

Question: is the poop well formed?

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Our little Senior Doggie Colin has a pooper problem.

He is getting up there in years. We think he is around 15, not sure exactly, as he was a "failed foster" rescue. Two days ago, he started pooping in the house. When we first fostered him many years ago, he pooped in the house and I was not amused.

On Friday, I called my wife on her cell to tell her that Colin pooped in the house. My wife, the RN, asked: "Is the poop well formed?" I told her yes, it is a work of art. I'm going to sell it online as a unique NFT token. 

Like I said, when we first got Colin, he pooped in the house, often. The person who helped us to foster Colin years ago said he was being "defiant" because he mad about getting moved around so much. Once he realized that he was HOME, and that he was now a successful "failed foster" the pooping in the house indeed stopped. 

Our vet, Park View Veterinary Hospital in Boonton USA is amazing. We think that Colin ate something in the woods that he should not have. We think this episode shall pass over time. 

Colin is now on special food, meds, and over time he should be fine. But for now - he's still a super pooper. How is it POSSIBLE that such a small dog can poop this much? No, seriously, how is more coming out than what is going in?  Oh, and by the way, the poop is NOT well formed. Not at all. Colin put the "dire" in diarrhea. I did learn that Acute Diarrhea is diarrhea that lasts a short time. There is nothing "cute" about it, trust me.

I find myself this Sunday morning searching the Internet for Doggie Diapers. Google Doggie Diapers. Seriously, even if you don't have a dog - just do it. You will be amazed about this cottage industry. 

I had NO IDEA. How many brands, sizes, types, styles there are for Doggie Diapers. Doggie Diapers for old doggies, young doggies, big, small, disposable, reusable.  There are blogs - many blogs - just about doggie diapers. 

I can get Doggie Diapers today - on a Sunday - at Walmart, Pet Smart, Petco, and many other places.  I can get Doggie Diapers delivered to my home - on a Sunday. Same day delivery of Doggie Diapers. On a Sunday! Is this not amazing? 

We are truly all living, learning, working, playing in the global cloud economy.

Colin's Diaper Caper makes me pause. When we are born, we live in diapers. As we get older, we no longer wear diapers. If we live a long and fulfilled life, we might find ourselves (once again) back in diapers. 

We must all do our best to "make the best" of our non-diaper years. But - thank God for diapers!

Diapers > No Diapers > Back to Diapers. The circle of life. This weekend, my wife would say many times: "No! Colin! No! Outside!!!!"

Fast Forward (20, 30 years....)  "No! Dad! No! Outside!!!!!!!"

Did my Sunday blog resonate with you?  Well, that depends, right? 

Rescue Doggie "Old Man" Colin Capone

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