Sunday, July 25, 2021

I'm feeling a little tipsy

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A gratuity (also known as a tip) is a sum of money customarily given by a client or customer to certain service sector workers for the service they have performed. Tipping servers in bars, restaurants, taxi drivers (including ridesharing), hair stylists and so on, but this is depends on country or location.

How did tips (and the amounts) become a social custom or etiquette? 

And, it is illegal to offer tips to some groups of workers, such as U.S. government workers, police officers, etc. as the tips might be considered bribery. 

And, sometimes a fixed percentage service charge can be added to bills in restaurants and similar establishments. Beware of hidden fees! Did you ever leave a tip - when there was ALREADY a service fee built in? I have. 

Studies of the practice in America suggests that tipping is often discriminatory or arbitrary: workers receive different levels of gratuity based on factors such as age, sex, race, hair color, and the size of the gratuity is found to be only very weakly related to the quality of service. 


During a recent stay at a HYATT, I was charged a GREAT rate for a room - cool!  And then City Occupancy tax, HB Assessment, CA Assessment, a Resort Fee, and then (again) City Occupancy Tax and HB Assessment on the Resort Fee. Extra fees of $61.46 per day or $122.92 in total for two days. 

When I questioned the extra charges, I was told it was all on their website. When I asked what the "Resort Fees" were, I was told - they were not just a hotel, but a resort. But the "resort" was on lock down at the time, due to COVID-19. But the resort fees are automatic, even though you cannot use the resort. Sorry. 

Exhibit B: Angelina's in Florham Park, New Jersey.

We went out to dinner for the first time with friends, in like......forever. I had the Clams Oreganata and the Zuppa di Pesce. All of us had a great meal. It was a BYOB place, and we DID. We were really good on the BYOB assignment. 

When our waitress (Gabby) first came to the table, I whispered to her, "I get the check" to head off the classic fight for the check. Alas, there was a fight anyway, and we wound up splitting the bill, $59.24 each couple. Fine

I would guess that Gabby was in her 20's. Gabby was a very good server, a little ray of sunshine. 

Gabby got a $50 tip from our table, against a $120 bill. 


A tip is not a tip if it is forced upon you. From a theoretical economic point of view, gratuities may solve the principle-agent problem (the situation in which an agent such a server, is working for a principle, such as a restaurant owner or manager) and many managers believe that tips provide incentive for greater work effort. 

Why do we tip waiters, taxi cab drivers and bar tenders, but not webmasters, landscapers and others in the service industry? Also this: if you are going to have hidden fees, you better hide them really good. Because once a hidden fee is no longer hidden, those little hidden fees will become the only thing people will talk about. Heck, they might even BLOG on it. 

Gabby for the win. 

Oh, and HYATT, meet my new friend HILTON. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

A 2nd Bite of the Apple

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We're back baby!!!!  Jerry Seinfeld was RIGHT!

Last week was our first "sleepover" event in New York since COVID first hit in 2020. I live around 30 miles west of Times Square, so I am (was) very spoiled for years. $11.35 bus ride and less than 60 minutes later, I can be teleported from BOONTON USA to 11 TIME SQUARE. 

Man, did I miss our Lunch 'n Learns and Sunset Seminars in The Big Apple. Our Sapphire Sponsor Microsoft is so generous with their space at 11 Times Square. Events on THE INTREPID. Happy Hours at Beer Authority. Bryant Park. Oh, and the CONVENE! The CONVENE on 42nd Street is AMAZING. 

NYC IS BACK!  Yeah, but not every day. 

When I first started working in the "Distance Learning" world, there were people still using dial-up modems. Audio conferencing was still north of $0.15 per minute, so a meeting with ten people was going to cost "someone" $1.50 per minute. Unless, of course, you were going to use things like or Skype for free, but then you looked like you were broke. And no one wants to do business with a business that looks like they are broke or have no money for tools, right? (Hello, I'm looking at you - Zoom Basic users....)

Yeah, The Big Apple is back baby!  But, The Big Apple might have been bruised. 

The economics of New York City (or any city) is based on volume. Commuters. Foot traffic. Every day. I just asked "OK, Google: how many people commute to and from NYC every day?" and she came back with 1.6M+ people flowing in and out of NYC every day, via bus, train, subway, and car. 

I was all alone on the bus to NYC. A bus that normally has "standing room only" during rush hour. I was able to get a room at the Hilton in Times Square for well less than $200 on Thursday night, with a free breakfast. I did notice that Uber, Lyft and Via were MORE expensive, due to a lack of VOLUME. Ah so - their business model is based on VOLUME. 

Here is what I know to be true. I will now be going to NYC (at a minimum) twice a month for stay-over events. I will go to NYC a few more times a month for "day trips" for meetings and events. I will go to Orlando, San Diego and probably Mexico at least once a year. And, I will go to London and Toronto at least once a year for major events.

The rest of the time, I will be working from BOONTON USA. I will be teaching, training, coaching, mentoring from BOONTON USA. I will be living, learning, working, playing from BOONTON USA in the heart of Morris County, New Jersey. Also this: Google Morris County NJ - it's amazing for business.  

This past Thursday was a blast. An afternoon in Bryant Park, after a great meeting in Salesforce Tower. A fantastic dinner at Capital Grille (thanks Star2Star!) and an amazing rooftop bar experience at The Knickerbocker (thanks Jabra!). But, I don't have to go to NYC tomorrow (Monday) or any day this upcoming week. Unless something happens, and then I'll catch the bus to NYC, but I will still sleep in my own bed that night. 

Distance Learning has become DIGITAL Learning, and now post-COVID it is all just DIGITAL LIVING. 

I love going to New York City. Just not every day. New York (or any major city) became "big" because that is where the business phone system was, that is where "the files" were, the fax machine, the computers, the (damn I'm old) typewriters were. How many of the things that you HAD to go "to the city" to access are now in your smartphone? And here comes 5G which will make business grade high speed Wi-Fi available to most of the country. 

LAST WEEK OF THIS MONTH, I shall fly to San Diego for our first major LIVE event of 2021. It shall cost me an easy $2,000 in airfare and hotel. Probably closer to $3,000 for the week, all in, when I add up all food and Uber and such. Now my brain compares $3,000 for four days, vs. 10+ two-day events in "the city that never sleeps" for less than $3,000. Yeah, I'm still going to fly to San Diego to hang out with a few hundred people LIVE (in the heat of the summer no less) but I am still crunching the numbers. I see the opportunity cost analysis of staying with NYC (ten times) vs. flying to San Diego (one time) clearly, do you? 

I think the biggest thing that COVID-19 did (to all of us) is it forced us to calculate opportunity costs. Going to the city to work vs. working from home. Travel vs. Not Traveling. Going to school "on campus" vs. attending a class in the clouds. "Zoom" vs. Hotel Room. Humans like to have choices. 

It was GREAT to meet people in real life. LIVE is better than VIDEO, 100% true, no debate. The brain chemistry is different when you are in the same room. It is visceral, you can feel human connection, or lack thereof. Note to self: always have breath mints - for you - and for them! 

And the steak that I had at Capital Grille was amazing. But you cannot eat Filet Mignon every day, right? All things in moderation. This is why I only blog on Sundays, and not every day. The people that I met (shook hands, and even a few hugs) will make our NEXT meeting on video that much better. Meeting LIVE and then meeting on video is always very different than only meeting on video and never meeting live. 

Yeah, absence (scarcity) makes the heart grow fonder. 

Scarcity: good for Zoom and Blogs and Filet Mignon. Bad for any business or for any city that needs (requires) high volume of foot traffic (or paying customers) daily

This Thursday's Commute to NYC

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Truth Dependence Day 2021

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Drafted by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and June 28, 1776, the Declaration of Independence is at once the nation's most cherished symbol of liberty and Jefferson's most enduring monument. Here, in exalted and unforgettable phrases, Jefferson expressed the convictions in the minds and hearts of the American people. The political philosophy of the Declaration was not new; its ideals of individual liberty had already been expressed by John Locke and the Continental philosophers. What Jefferson did was to summarize this philosophy in "self-evident truths" and set forth a list of grievances against the King in order to justify before the world the breaking of ties between the colonies and the mother country.

Dependence: the quality or state of being dependent; especially: the quality or state of being influenced or determined by or subject to another.

Examples of DEPENDENCE

  • The company was hurt by its dependence on government loans.
  • Our dependence upon foreign oil makes our economy vulnerable.
  • The country has a dependence on foreign trade.

I find it interesting, that our great country, our entire way of life was built on the concept of
Independence. But everything that we talk about, everything that we fight for, and everything that we pay for is the opposite of living a life of independence.

The same country that was born out of independence is now very dependent indeed. And technology has always been at the heart of it all.

We fought for our independence in 1776. And we used the technology of the day (ships, muskets, cannon, maps) to fight and win that war. How long ago was that exactly?

From and including: Thursday, July 4, 1776
To, but not including Sunday, July 4, 2021

Result: 89,485 days. Or:

  • 7,731,504,000 seconds
  • 128,858,400 minutes
  • 2,147,640 hours
  • 12,783 weeks and 4 days.

It took me just a few seconds to figure out exactly how many days (or even hours) ago the Declaration of Independence was signed. But, I could not do the above cut and paste magic without - wait for it - my good friend Google and his father (the military brat who was born in the USA) The Internet.

As a self-employed businessman, I am very dependent on technology, and I am not alone. Business, Higher Education, Medicine, the world of Finance, and certainly the Military is very deeply DEPENDENT on many things, but none so much as our deep and growing mutual
dependence on technology. Ships, trains, automobiles, computers, telephone. The mastery of the sea, air and space. All of this since our declaring our INDEPENDENCE.

From Google:
Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is a dependent territory. Independence does not necessarily mean freedom.

Catch that?  
Independence does not necessarily mean freedom. Freedom is not free, and neither is the Internet, or solar power, or electric cars, or any of the things that we connect to living in the country known as the home of the free and the land of the brave.

July 4th, 1776 was the date that we DECLARED our Day of Independence. Funny how we never declared our date of DEPENDENCE.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident....."
Monarchy asserts that all men are NOT created equal, that the King or Emperor possesses rights significantly greater than those persons subject to the ruler. A monarch has the ability to create, suspend or obviate existing laws by their own volition. Life could be taken by a King. Liberty could be suspended or destroyed by an emperor, and the pursuit of happiness did not factor into many lives subject to tyrannical rulers.

Today, Freedom requires the Mastery of Technology. No Question.

But also this: Freedom cannot exist without the rule of law.
Freedom cannot co-exist with lies.

Above all: Freedom DEPENDS on the Truth.
And the enemies of FREEDOM know this all too well.
No "Alternative Facts" allowed, thank you very much.

Our founding fathers were fueled on ideals that were once seemingly revolutionary: freedom and democracy. America was born from the idea of providing opportunity and equality for all. The Mastery of Technology made the USA possible. Lies stop us from reaching our full potential in business and life - and as a country.

America: The Great Experiment. Today: the misuse of technology (to spread lies and falsehoods) can destroy our country. And that's the truth.

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Question: is the poop well formed?

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Our little Senior Doggie Colin has a pooper problem.

He is getting up there in years. We think he is around 15, not sure exactly, as he was a "failed foster" rescue. Two days ago, he started pooping in the house. When we first fostered him many years ago, he pooped in the house and I was not amused.

On Friday, I called my wife on her cell to tell her that Colin pooped in the house. My wife, the RN, asked: "Is the poop well formed?" I told her yes, it is a work of art. I'm going to sell it online as a unique NFT token. 

Like I said, when we first got Colin, he pooped in the house, often. The person who helped us to foster Colin years ago said he was being "defiant" because he mad about getting moved around so much. Once he realized that he was HOME, and that he was now a successful "failed foster" the pooping in the house indeed stopped. 

Our vet, Park View Veterinary Hospital in Boonton USA is amazing. We think that Colin ate something in the woods that he should not have. We think this episode shall pass over time. 

Colin is now on special food, meds, and over time he should be fine. But for now - he's still a super pooper. How is it POSSIBLE that such a small dog can poop this much? No, seriously, how is more coming out than what is going in?  Oh, and by the way, the poop is NOT well formed. Not at all. Colin put the "dire" in diarrhea. I did learn that Acute Diarrhea is diarrhea that lasts a short time. There is nothing "cute" about it, trust me.

I find myself this Sunday morning searching the Internet for Doggie Diapers. Google Doggie Diapers. Seriously, even if you don't have a dog - just do it. You will be amazed about this cottage industry. 

I had NO IDEA. How many brands, sizes, types, styles there are for Doggie Diapers. Doggie Diapers for old doggies, young doggies, big, small, disposable, reusable.  There are blogs - many blogs - just about doggie diapers. 

I can get Doggie Diapers today - on a Sunday - at Walmart, Pet Smart, Petco, and many other places.  I can get Doggie Diapers delivered to my home - on a Sunday. Same day delivery of Doggie Diapers. On a Sunday! Is this not amazing? 

We are truly all living, learning, working, playing in the global cloud economy.

Colin's Diaper Caper makes me pause. When we are born, we live in diapers. As we get older, we no longer wear diapers. If we live a long and fulfilled life, we might find ourselves (once again) back in diapers. 

We must all do our best to "make the best" of our non-diaper years. But - thank God for diapers!

Diapers > No Diapers > Back to Diapers. The circle of life. This weekend, my wife would say many times: "No! Colin! No! Outside!!!!"

Fast Forward (20, 30 years....)  "No! Dad! No! Outside!!!!!!!"

Did my Sunday blog resonate with you?  Well, that depends, right? 

Rescue Doggie "Old Man" Colin Capone

Sunday, June 20, 2021

OK Daddy-O

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Daddio is a variant form of daddy-o, slang or hip variant of Dad or Daddy. A cool male. From the 1950s Beatnick culture. Ah, but is it Daddio or Daddy-O? And which came first: Dad or Daddy?

Pop or Poppa, or is it Pappy? Maybe it is Papi. 

I really don't think Darth Vader would have said "Luke, I am your Daddy" (or Pop, or Pappy). 

My kids always called me Dad. Sometimes my wife says "Daddy" when talking about me - on the phone - to the kids. Now that both boys are married, I have two new daughters. Hearing "Dad" from anyone but my two boys was (is now) very cool. 

I remember the TV show Daddio, an American sitcom that aired on NBC from March 23 to October 23, 2000. It stared Michael Chiklis and Anita Barone. 

The show's first season consisted of five episodes, but was renewed for a second season of 13 more episodes. However, only four (4) shows were aired, before NBC canceled the show in October 2000 due to low ratings. Four shows were aired. 


Season one of Seinfeld, was originally called The Seinfeld Chronicles. The series name was shortened to Seinfeld because there was already ANOTHER sitcom called The Marshall Chronicles. The Seinfeld pilot was originally met with very poor responses from test audiences, and NBC decided not to pick up the show. However, believing the series had potential, NBC executive Rick Ludwin ordered four episodes - about a year after NBC's rejection. With only four episodes after the pilot, season one of Seinfeld is one of the smallest sitcom orders in television history. 

Daddio. Seinfeld. One had a Rick Ludwin in their corner. The other, not so much. 

To me, a business is like a marriage. It can be short lived, or it can last a lifetime. You have hopes and dreams, but there are no guarantees. I had to ask my wife Dianne (my mother's nurse at the time) to go out with me many, many, many times before she FINALLY said yes. Five years later, we were married. I was my own Rick Ludwin. 

I see business, and family, like a sitcom. The cast of characters can come and go. The ratings can be high, the ratings can be low. The road can be rocky, as there are never guarantees of success. 

But when it's right, you will have the time of your life. 

Family. Business. Family Business!!!!

Time of your life

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Loki Dokie

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Is Tom Hiddleston OK?

One theory is that "OK" actually originated with the Hessians soldiers during the Revolutionary War in the US, where the acronym OK stood for "ohne Korrektur," (without correction). 

I also heard that when doctors inspected the camping areas of injured soldiers, trying to count the number of dead bodies........ if nobody had died in a specific tent, they used to mark it as OK (zero K), or Zero Killed. And, that would create happiness, since "OK" on the side of the tent meant that no one died inside.

The Scots expression och aye, the Greek ola kala ('it is good'), the Choctaw Indian oke or okeh ('it is so') the French aux Cayes ('from Cayes', a port in Haiti with a reputation for good rum) could be the source.

Or, the initials of a railway freight agent called Obediah Kelly who is said to have written OK on all of the documents he had personally checked and approved. 

Ah, but is it OK to say Okey-dokey? Or is it "Okie-dokie" 

Okey-dokey is a playful or humorous way of saying "okay." It means the same thing, but would be used in fewer situations. It would not be used as a verb: "The boss has to okay the decision" is acceptable, "The boss has to okey-dokey the decision" is not. 

Disney+ / Marvel Studios "Loki" launched on June 9th and it broke the internet. Loki, the God of Mischief, steps out of his brother's shadow to embark on an adventure that takes place after the events of "Avengers: Endgame" which also, previously broke the internet. Rotten Tomatoes has Loki at 96% and rising. 

By the way, how is Disney+ doing these days? Is it just OK? Or is Disney+ doing Okay? I am kinda feeling that Disney+ is doing Okie Dokie Artichokie!  

Is Loki a bad guy? Or is Loki now a good guy? Or is Loki such a bad guy that we love him? Maybe we shall love Loki like he is the "Tony Soprano" of the Marvel Universe, right? 

Tom! Where are you going with this? Seriously, are YOU OK?

Before June 9th, there was a slim chance that YOU (the person reading this) knew who Loki was from reading comic books. There is a better chance that you knew who Loki was from the Marvel movies. There is now a VERY good chance that you (or someone that you know) is going to talk to you about Loki, a delightful diversion from the MCU as we know it. Test: did you know what MCU means? 

Yeah, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) owned by The Walt Disney Company became a thing. A very big thing. 

Disney+ was launched on November 12, 1999 and has 103.6 million paid users as of April 2021. Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ have become the ultimate streaming trio. You did catch WandaVision on Disney+ right? 

If I said "Mandalorian" around a year ago, would you know what I was talking about? 

Today, you do.

Tom Hiddleston, who (currently?) plays Loki will never be the same. Just as when we say Thor, we think Chris Hemsworth. And when we say Iron Man, we think Robert Downey Jr. 

But - when we say HULK, we think..... Lou Ferrigno???? Who did YOU see in your mind when you just read HULK? Edward Norton? Mark Ruffalo? Eric Bana? Don't tell me Bill Bixby......

When I say Captain America do you not IMMEDIATELY see Chris Evans in your mind?

BRANDING is an art. And Walt Disney, was at his core, an artist. 

OK. That's my blog for today. My "Master Class" on branding has ended. Okay? 

See? I fooled you all. Just like Loki..... the God of Mischief. 

Before the days of SMS, "K" was used as Morse code prosign form "Go Ahead". This slang term was popularized in the film "The Little Rascals" (Oki doki). The phrase can be extended further, e.g. "Okie dokie (aka) pokie / smokie / atrichokie / karaoke. 

And that folks is......

The Matthew McConaughey Brand

Sunday, June 6, 2021

We're back baby!

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August 24, 2020. "The Feud" between Jerry Seinfeld and James Altucher was hot and heavy. 

James launched the first salvo with his "NYC IS DEAD FOREVER. HERE'S WHY" post. Jerry shot back with his "SO YOU THINK NEW YORK IS DEAD (IT'S NOT)" New York Times opinion rebuttal. FIGHT!!!

I remember reading the post in LinkedIn from James and saying to myself: "Holy Shit, he's right."

I also remember reading the Op-Ed response to James from Jerry and saying to myself: "Holy Shit, he's right." 

June 6th, 1944. 28,125 days ago. 

The Normandy landings were the landing operations and associated airborne operations on Tuesday, June 6th 1944 of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. Codenamed Operation Neptune and often referred to as D-Day, it laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front. 

The day before, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was preparing to send Allied troops across the English Channel to France. There he hoped they would push the German troops, who fought for an authoritarian fascist state, back across Europe, securing a victory for democracy over authoritarianism. 

On the afternoon of June 5th, Eisenhower went to see the men he was almost certainly sending to their deaths. He joked with the troops, with his letter "The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!"

But after cheering his men on, he went back to headquarters and wrote another letter. This letter was designed to blame himself alone if Operation Overlord failed. It read:

"Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and Devotion to Duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone." 

The second letter of course, was never delivered. 

Operation Overlord was a success, launching the final assault in which western democracy (defended by ordinary men and women) would beat back - and destroy European fascism. 

June 6th, 2021. It has now been 287 days since the Jerry Seinfeld New York Times Op-Ed response to James Altucher. 

This month, NYDLA ( and now NADLA) will be hosting it's first LIVE (yet hybrid) event in NYC. Fittingly and ironically our first LIVE event will be hosted on THE INTREPID Sea, Air and Space museum. Launched in 1943, the former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid fought in World War II, surviving five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. Intrepid, indeed. 

Today I pause to reflect on how General Dwight D. Eisenhower did not need to send his second letter 28,125 days ago. I also pause to reflect on the Jerry / James feud regarding the fate of New York City from 287 days ago. And now: I look forward to our "Building Back Better" event - the first of MANY events - in the city that never sleeps. 

As George Costanza of Seinfeld would say: "We're back baby!" 

Sunday, May 30, 2021

I (did not) get screwed at Best Buy

If you are reading on a smartphone, use landscape / hold phone sideways.

The Hisense - 50" Class - LED - H6500F Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Model 50H6570F with SKU: 637035 that I bought on 5/20/2020 died around a week ago. 3 days after the 1 year warranty expired. Finding a $299 TV with curbside pickup during the teeth of COVID-19, I was happy to get ANYTHING.

So, three days ago I ordered an "Open Box" Hisense - 50" Class A6G Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV Model: 50A6G with SKU: 6455164.  Condition: CERTIFIED. $334.99 with FREE 2-day delivery. Cool!  [ I wanted the exact same size, heck, I wanted the exact same TV for the custom spot we made above the fireplace.]

And, like clockwork, the TV showed up at my front door yesterday afternoon right after lunch. I really paused to marvel at how the world changed pre and post-COVID. 

I was also thrilled to read the little HDTV CERTIFICATION CHECKLIST, from Geek Squad Agent Badge ID# 181024. The little card went on and on, "bragging" about how this "open box" (aka, returned) device has been fully tested, inspected, and approved.

Again, COOL!

There were no screws in the box. The four little screws that you need to attach the TV to the stand. Four little tiny pieces of machined metal, that probably cost $0.0001 to produce. I cannot place the TV on top of the mantle, without these four little screws. 

Best Buy did not screw me. And I found myself desperately wanting to be screwed. 

And so began my journey with Best Buy Support, both online and via phone. "Hello. I just got delivery of Order #BBY01-848459444821, my open box Hisense TV.  There were no screws in the box, so I cannot attach the TV to the stand. I had to say this / type this several times. 

The final solution was to GO TO a Best Buy store to get properly screwed. 

But I said, "Well, before I DRIVE to the store, I would like to call them first, to make sure that they indeed HAVE the four little screws that were missing. But due to COVID, the local stores are not accepting phone calls. And the call center operators cannot contact the stores. It was going to be a gamble. 

And so, I looked in the mirror. "Well, punk. Do you feel lucky?" saying this to myself in my best Clint Eastwood voice in my mind. I knew that if I drove all the way to Best Buy and they did not have the screws, I was going to be - ah - obtuse

And so, I took the "legs" with me to the store, to say I need the four little screws that go WITH this stand. As soon as I entered the store, the Best Buy greeter met me at the door. "I need to see the manager," I said, with a slightly sinister smile. 

So, here's the deal. I am in business, and I know that stuff happens. The HDTV Geek Squad CERTIFIED OPEN-BOX tested and approved checklist, performed by Agent #181024 did not have "screws" on the checklist. Turns out that most Hisense TVs have "snap on" legs, so that the model that I bought (needs screws) was the anomaly. I can see how Agent #181024 missed it. Not happy about it, but I do understand.

While I was waiting for the manager to return from the back room, I was planning my "Do you know who I am????" speech. I just did a video podcast with the former CEO and Chairman of Best Buy. I am doing a video podcast with the current CEO of Best Buy. We are rolling out a 900+ location project of "Building Back Better" centers, in partnership with Best Buy. I said to myself, "Tom, please don't become one of those DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM assholes." 

The manager came back and placed four little screws in my hand. The then also placed a Best Buy gift card in my other hand - thanking me for my time, apologizing once again for my trouble and appreciating my understanding. He said he would also make this CASE known to all at the Geek Squad, so that this never happens again. 

This week our nationwide team will be gathering at the Four Points by Sheraton Mall of America hotel. 1.5 miles away is our engineering and architectural "kick off" meeting at Best Buy Corporate Campus, 7601 Penn Avenue South. This 900+ nationwide installation will be the largest project of my career, and the TECHNOLOGY is only a tiny part of the project. 

The REAL work begins after the power is turned on in 900+ virtual classrooms across North America. Check out weConnect when you get a minute. It should give you goosebumps to see the future of work, and the future of education, as we all build back better. 

Yeah, this week I did not get screwed by Best Buy. If I did get screwed properly by Best Buy the first time, who knows what today's blog would have been about, right? 

Yeah, I think both sides nailed it this week.  

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Building Back Better Bundles

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There is a little Dance / Ballet studio in our town that failed, sadly, due to COVID. I said to myself, "Self, that 1,700 SF space would be a GREAT place for a bunch of our ZoomPODS!" 

BOONTON USA is around 30 miles west of Times Square. An amazing little town, Boonton is the original home of BOONTONWARE. Main Street Boonton must have a dozen Pizzerias. We have a train station, and a bus that goes to the city on the hour, every hour. Boonton USA is in the heart of Morris County, New Jersey, one of the most "vibrant" counties in the entire country, not just the state. I said vibrant as "wealthy" sounds a little stuffy. 

The former Dance / Ballet studio would be a sublease, with a MANDATORY four year, $3,800 monthly rent. Ouch. Plus, it would cost some good money to build out the space, fix it up - and you need insurance, and advertising, and... I think we are at an easy $5k per month, maybe more. FOR FOUR YEARS, no matter what. 

My brain immediately shifted into opportunity cost mode. What ELSE can I do with $5k per month - every month?

I could give fifteen people over $300 per month for a WFH office expense allowance. You can make an AMAZING home office with an extra $300 per month. 

I could have people work from home, and we could all "meet up" at the Convene in Times Square once a month for a Lunch 'n Learn or Sunset Seminar or some such fun event - with good food and grog.

I could have everyone work from their home office (from ANY time zone) and spend the monthly $5k on Facebook ads, driving traffic to multiple and various eCommerce stores. 

Zoom + Zoom Phone + Loom + Logitech + Lenovo + Workplace + BigCommerce + Box + Salesforce + Basecamp + Hey + (name something...) = Work From Anywhere Nirvana. 

Exchange the brand Zoom for Star2Star. Exchange the brand Shopify for BigCommerce. The exact "Brand" or technology does not matter that much these days. After all, now that Zoom is a verb, you can Zoom on Webex, right? Having vs. Not Having technology - HAVING VS. NOT HAVING the opportunity, well yeah, that matters. A lot. 

I love going into THE BIG APPLE for meetings and events. I LOVE having clients, customers, vendors, sponsors meet up with us in "THE CITY" and you know what city I am talking about, right? If we were in Boston right now, and I said I had to go to "the city" tomorrow, where am I going? If we were in Philly right now, and I said I had to take the train to "the city" tomorrow, where am I going?

THE CITY. THE BIG APPLE. The greatest city in the world. Prove me wrong. I see people reading the New York Times in LA, but I never see anyone reading the LA Times in New York. It's New York Baby! 

But here is what I also know to be true. Landlords from BOONTON or THE BIG APPLE (or anywhere in the USA) will need to address the fact that most people have a calculator in their smartphones. Most people (especially Entrepreneurs) know how to calculate opportunity cost, and most can make Google Doc spreadsheets to create "what if" scenarios. 

My self also asked myself: "Hey self, I wonder if the failed Dance / Ballet studio is still paying THEIR mandatory rent? Or is it just the new people (suckers?) that are locked in for four years, COVID or no COVID? 

I very much want New York City to bounce back, bigger and better than ever. I do want people coming and going, into "the city" for work, for events, for meetings, for shows. But landlords (everywhere) need to fully embrace the post-COVID reality that REMOTE is the future of work and that REMOTE is going to be standard by which (all) work shall be judged. 

Working from an amazing home office, with LIVE in-person MEETINGS and/or EVENTS every month, or LIVE events every 90 days at someplace AMAZING will soon be the norm. 

Work from home (from a proper home office) and come to New York City, or Orlando, or San Diego... or London, or Paris, or Toronto a few times a year. All events in the future shall be hybrid events. And don't even get me started about how 5G is going to change work forever. Super High-Speed Internet -  from everywhere - changes everything. Full Stop. 

And so, it does not look like I'll be installing any ZoomPODS in the old Dance / Ballet studio in good ol' BOONTON USA. 

Unless of course, the current landlord reads my Sunday blog and says to me "Hey Tom, loved your blog. I'll give ya month to month." For now, I'll be finding "the best alternative choice" for $5k per month. For four years. 

Working from Home - BOONTON USA

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pay Attention!

If you are reading on a smartphone, use landscape / hold phone sideways.

When you pay attention to someone, you watch them, listen to them, or take notice of them. 

She says, "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Were you trying to say something?" is what no guy on a date wants to hear, ever.

I paid the pizza delivery guy. You could not pay me to do that. I paid a teenager to mow the lawn. He paid the penalty. It pays you to stay open, it pays you to re-open. You can pay one's way or pay the piper or pay through the nose. 

This Tuesday I will be doing my first LIVE (paid) presentation in New York City, in over a year, due to COVID. 

Attention Marketing is a term coined by internet entrepreneur Steve Jelley to describe a particular business model that has evolved around the growth of social media. It was popularized by the book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin. 

For the first time in over a year, I shall be paying good money out-of-pocket to go into the city for an event. I paid to have a suit dry cleaned. It shall cost me money to take the bus, it shall cost me money to eat in the city (it's never cheap) and it shall cost me money to get back home. If the day goes long into the night, it shall cost me money to stay over. Normally I would charge for my travel and expenses (I would normally get paid for all of this) but not this time. Besides, I really want to get back into the city! I'm getting paid for my TIME and for my KNOWLEDGE, but not for my travel and expenses. That's fine - this time

[ Insert smiley face ].

This Tuesday in New York City - THE BIG APPLE - people are paying to hear me speak, live. Will there be food? Hell yes! But no one is coming for the food alone. They too will be spending time and money, to get to the venue. 

Permission Marketing is a concept introduced by the book of the same name in 1999 by marketing expert (Seth Godin, again). Permission marketing is a non-traditional marketing technique that advertises goods and services when advance consent is given. Interruption Marketing is essentially a competition to win people's attention. Seth Godin believes that marketing strategies should be based on the following three elements: Anticipated, Personal, Relevant. 

  • Anticipated: people will anticipate the service/product information from the company.
  • Personal: the marketing information explicitly relates to the customer.
  • Relevant: the marketing information is something that the consumer is interested in.
In the past year, I lost count how many Zoom Meetings (be it a "Zoom" meeting on Zoom, or on WebEx, Cvent, Intrado, GoToWebinar, etc.) I attended, or presented or co-presented. I think I recorded around a hundred video podcasts in the past year, give or take. All from my home office, never from the city. THE COST of this activity was very close to $0 but the cost of TIME (mine or yours) is never free. 

And so: we are all in the Attention Business.  

I cannot teach you anything, if I have not earned your attention. I cannot sell you anything, if I have not earned your attention. Engagement, Adoption and Utilization can never happen, without first getting someone to - pay attention. 

And: if they have PAID good money to then "pay attention" to you and/or to your presentation, then the permission marketing of the equation is already built-in. 

[ You can stop reading now, if you wish. The rest is just ego stroking..... I said what I wanted to say in this Sunday's blog post. It's fine, you can take off. ]

Seriously, you can stop reading now, it's cool. No need to scroll down any further. 

Below is how I was being "marketed " to get people to pay good money to attend this Tuesday's event. 

Thomas Capone, Chair and CEO of (and now

Thomas Capone has been servicing 300+ of the Fortune 1000 Since 1983 in all areas of voice, data, wireless and wireline services. Thomas took over running the Distance Learning Association during the last recession, growing it from insolvency to 5.6M+ members. Today, as a result of the pandemic, NYDLA has now become NADLA servicing the 579M+ people of North America. 

Specialties: Audio, Web, Videoconferencing, Voice, Cloud, Data, VoIP, TEM, Managed Services, BPO, SaaS, Wireless, eCommerce, SEO, Hosting, Security, Consulting, Social Media, Mobility.

Key Specialties: SaaS, IoT, mobility, cloud solutions, solution selling, commercial and enterprise sales, channel development, strategic partnerships, global market experience, collaboration solutions, commercial and large volume sales programs, product planning, target marketing and segmentation, market development; project operations, launch strategies, lead generation, client satisfaction and performance based leadership.

Thomas says: Distance Education has become just EDUCATION. Remote Work has become just WORK. eCommerce has become just COMMERCE. Telemedicine has become just MEDICINE. Distance Learning became DIGITAL Learning, and now - it is all just DIGITAL LIVING. 

We are all building back better, as we live, learn, work and play in the global cloud economy. 


If you did get this far in my Sunday Blog... I must have earned your attention, right? 

Or, you had nothing better to do on a Sunday. Ya know, my older blog posts are also pretty good, so I am told. You should be able to just scroll down. 

See? Once you have EARNED THEIR ATTENTION, the rest is easy.