Sunday, October 11, 2015

Let's Play Follow the Leader has an amazing new vendor - sponsor:   

How would you like to meet and be mentored by leaders such as: 
Malala Yousafzai Rudy Giuliani   Peyton Manning   
Seth Godin   Malcolm Gladwell General Hugh Shelton  
Simon Sinek    LCDR Rorke T. Denver   Emmitt Smith  
and many others???
The world is missing out. We could all be learning more. We all could be living out our purpose. Leading and being led by people who inspire and enlighten us, give us strength and allow us to grow. Leadercast was built on a belief that the world needs better leaders -  Leaders Worth Following.

The NYDLA community believes that leadership is not reserved for those people with a ‘C’ in their title. We need better leaders in our communities, businesses, organizations, and in homes across the world. Leadercast exists to serve individuals and organizations across all sectors who want to become intentional about raising their standard of leadership.

Leadercast is constantly thriving to inspire and equip this global community, cutting through the noise and bringing realness to the leadership development space. Via innovative events and digital content the NYDLA global community can take immediate measurable actions that impact the lives of those they lead.

Around the world, we’re human before we’re leaders; we are human before we are teachers, coaches and trainers. Every piece of Leadercast content is aimed at the human heart. Leadercast is focused on developing the core of the leader first, believing that the principles that follow will take root, and a Leader Worth Following will be the end result.

How the community will engage with Leadercast:
Leadercast Live — Each year, Leadercast facilitates the largest one-day convergence of leaders in the world by creating an epic leadership experience.
    • NYDLA members are invited to attend live in Atlanta. Georgia in May 2016.
    • Or, view an HD simulcast at one of our host sites (hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide).
    • NYDLA vendor sponsors will be hosting their own in-house events at their corporate location. Leadercast happens inside companies such as Apple and Amazon and in communities from Kuwait to Kansas!
    • members can view on on their own devices with Leadercast On Demand
Leadercast Now is an online platform created with leadership development in mind. Optimized for mobile or desktop, NYDLA membership has 24/7/365 access to all things Leadercast.  

The NYDLA currently services 300+ of the Fortune 1000 and 46% of the colleges and universities in the USA. The entire NYDLA community now has member access to all things Leadercast via our knowledge + technology + talent model. 

And for the first time: In May 2016, the shall bring Leadercast Live to Times Square in NYC - giving thousands of individuals access (in HD simulcast) to Leaders Worth Following - LIVE from Atlanta. If you are not a member of the now is a great time to join and “Follow the Leaders” on a global basis.  
Email to learn more.

Leadercast May 2016 - LIVE from Times Square NYC