Sunday, September 23, 2012


  Your old computer can save a life.

Part I:
Youthaiti continues these projects with our Haitian partners to make a difference in the lives of rural Haitians. We hope to launch a Community-led sanitation awareness campaign in the upcoming months, to empower Haitians to make decisions about what is important to them in terms of sanitation in their communities. But once again, none of this can happen without your support. Getting supplies and trainers to distant rural areas costs money. It is only through your continued generosity that we are able to continue this work. I thank you again, for your support, and count on your continued generosity.

Gigi Pomerantz
Executive Director

Part II:
I am the Executve Director of the  The NYDLA’s mission is to establish a forum dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and information between corporate, academic, and government professionals, concerning the issues and technological changes in the field of Distance or "e-Learning" and how it can be utilized to improve human performance. Visit to learn more.

Part III:
MTP vendors like allow for any mobile device (including smartphones and computers) to work anywhere at anytime. Satellite powered phones and computers work away from access to electricity, such as in Haiti.

I have been involved in Haiti Relief ever since the earthquake. MTP vendors donated hundreds of Satellite phones collects used laptops and smartphones from vendors such as and  We ship these refurbished and/or donated laptops and phones to Haiti, where they are used for classrooms, and to create JOBS where no jobs could exist before. VoIP allows for anytime, anywhere communications, as long as you have power.

They don’t have many things in Haiti, but one thing they do have in great abundance is sunlight.

Technology in the right hands with the right guidance can change a life. People who had no hope, now can receive a quality education. An education that empowers Haitians to make decisions about what is important to them in terms of sanitation in their communities. A GREAT education, from the world’s best teachers, which leads to jobs. Jobs where they can earn money - great money - for their country. They can create their own sustainable solutions. All via technology based learning systems. But the magic of the Internet and great distance learning technology needs great people to make it all happen; great people to tie it all together.

People like Gigi Pomerantz.

I have been a salesman all my life. I love selling technology. Now, I get to sell hope for those who need it the most.  

The cost: $0. The ROI: priceless. Please donate to  

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  1. This is a lie MTP-USA has not shipped any used goods to the hati fund. This guy just writes lies in his blogs, looks like old Thomas Capone is a Scammer. The reason I got here was I was looking for something MTP offer but after looking at Thomas Capone and MTP online looks like a huge scam by all the reviews