Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time Capsule Bobby

Today my youngest son turned 21. Robert Christopher Capone is my official muse for today’s blog on technology.

First, let me get this out of the way: Robert is by far my favorite child (named Robert).

Bobby is a “Nintendo Baby”. Born into the 90’s he grew up with no knowledge of corded telephones, manual typewriters or the things that most of us grew up with. Bobby had a computer before he had a bicycle.

When I turned 21, there were no cellular phones. Bobby never knew of cars that did not talk. He never knew of TV’s that did not come with remote controls, or toys that did not talk, and walk and even “think”.

When I was in college, there was no Google, no Internet and no Distance Learning. Micro computers were just getting started, and it was doubted that they would ever take off. The Apple computer was just a dream in Steve Job’s mind. When I was in school we had grease pencils on transparencies with overhead projectors. I had to go to the Purdue library to learn anything. Thank God for Melvil Dewey and the Dewey Decimal System.

Melvil, meet Siri.

Today we shall celebrate Bobby’s birthday, and we shall have a blast. Via Facebook, emails, texting and other such magic, everyone who can join us for the party shall certainly do so. Those who cannot come in person shall Tweet and Text their way to the party. We might even do Skype video calls on the 27 big screen TVs at

I am looking forward to this day probably more than anyone: NFL Football on 27 big screen TVs, all with friends and family - people from all around the world joining us for the party - both in person and via HD Video to our smartphones.

Ah yes, spending quality time today with Bobby Capone, my favorite time capsule.

Happy Birthday Bobby!

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