Sunday, September 9, 2012

A close shave!

You probably saw this video: It was famous for going viral (very quickly) last year. It still makes me laugh, even after a dozen views. 


But what I love is the “technology” behind the scenes. They used video. They used blogging. They used affinity marketing, association marketing, SEO, direct mail, and every other form of technology based marketing that I can think of. The eCommerce engine behind this company just flat out works. The value on the product jumps off the page; they took something that men (at least me) do every day - shaving - and connected with me in a very special way. And now I am blogging on it.

Guys, if you are not already a member, do it.  Ladies, you are not excluded, they have you covered as well. You can sign up for $1 per month.  I went for the $6 per month plan, but to each his own.

Now here is the point of today’s blog. Why did this model work so well for Dollar Shave Club? Can this “tell a friend” model work for other things?  Prepaid Cellular phones?  Diapers? Gas for your car? Your monthly electric bill?  Can this viral video market concept work for YOUR business? I think it can work for my business, and I am going to give it a shot.

The marketing technologies of today allow for some amazing things. Here is what I believe to be true: the success of Dollar Shave Club can be traced back to their video. That video is funny, it has a clear message, and it just flat out works. Without that entertaining video, the idea behind Dollar Shave Club would still be a good idea, the concept would still be a good concept. Having a video on that website was not mandatory. But that video was key to the entire process.

If that video did not exist, I say that Dollar Shave Club would not exist.

The holiday season is right around the corner. NOW is the time to get your eCommerce system ready for the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. We are in September - any day now the Holiday commercials will be hitting the airways. If you have not yet embraced the power of video for your own eCommerce website - what are you waiting for? It is working for me, and I think it will work for you as well.

Dollar Deodorant Club - I can see it now.

From the video: "........for every $20 you spend, $19 goes to Roger Federer....."

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