Sunday, January 8, 2023

How do you like your eggs?

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Milford, Connecticut

My wife and I just returned to New Jersey from a great weekend with the kids in Connecticut. Drove up yesterday, back home today. Around 90 minutes each way, if there is no traffic. 

Something struck me on the ride back home. Over the past 48 hours, I was asked: "How do I like my steak?" and "How do I like my eggs?" and "How do I take my coffee?" and I was asked about several other things. At the exact moment of the questions, I did not really pay attention to the fact that I was in a position to fine tune my experiences and get exactly what I wanted while in Connecticut. 

This weekend trip was our first time spending the night in my son's new home. My son Bobby and his wife Emily live in a Connecticut neighborhood that is only a short walk from the beach. My other son Tommy and his wife Danielle also live in a Connecticut beach town - but not walking distance. Maybe they have a healthy bike ride from their house to the beach. But each of the respective (Capone) beach towns have their own pluses and features. 

As I pulled into our home driveway in New Jersey just a few minutes ago, I thought about WHY we live where we live, and what choices were made over the years to determine where we live. And, my wife I had long conversations such as would we ever move from New Jersey to Connecticut, to be closer to the kids? What would have to happen for us to sell our home in NJ and move to Connecticut? What if one of the kids moved to.....Texas (or CA or FLA or Ireland!) for work? Would we move there, too? [ Hint: grandchildren would be a HUGE factor in every decision... ]. 

Today, Sunday, many of the members of are returning to their respective homes from Las Vegas, after attending the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Some of our folks have been going to CES for years - as in more than 30! CES is expected to have drawn up to 100,000 attendees by the time it concludes today.

Next week, is NRF2023, the National Retail Federation show in New York city. From next Sunday to Tuesday, we expect up to 45,000 attendees to physically enter Javits Center over several days. And we expect 400,000+ to attend NRF2023 virtually, from home.

New York City - The Big Apple is in my back yard. I'm going!

Las Vegas - Sin City, not so much in my back yard. Let others go. 

My wife and I have a rescue dog, Konta. He is a Border Collie - Australian Cattle Dog mix, but we don't know the exact ratios. Bobby and Emily rescued Paco last year - 40.3% Chihuahua. Tommy and Danielle have a cat, Bubba. And Bubba is the largest house cat I have ever seen in my life. Bubba looks like a small Puma. I think they should have Bubba tested. 

Konta and Paco Capone both enjoyed a day on the beach yesterday. Bubba Capone, not so much - he stayed home in Madison, Connecticut. Before we all walked to the beach yesterday, the (Human) Capones had a conversation about walking vs. driving to the beach. We walked to the beach. 

The people who attended CES (LIVE) in Las Vegas will probably not attend NRF2023 (LIVE) in New York. Some might, but the Venn Diagram of who is in BOTH groups is nebulous

The people who live in Connecticut probably don't also own homes in New Jersey. And vice versa. It probably never comes up in conversation. When Bobby and Emily rescued Paco Capone, they knew that he was a Chihuahua, but not by what percentage. Now, they know exactly: 40.3%. Danielle had Bubba Capone since he was a kitten. There was no way to predict how big Bubba would become when fully grown. (I'm telling you, he has some Puma in him...maybe Bobcat...). 

OK, Tom...... land the plane...... How does any of this apply to business? 

We don't realize the number of decisions we (all of us) make in life - every day. Where we live, what we eat, what we do for a living - EVERYTHING is a result of the sum of the decisions we make. Sometimes we give almost no thought to our decisions. Sometimes we agonize over them. Who we marry, what we do for a living, adopting a pet - what makes us agonize over some decisions, and other decisions hardly get any attention at all? 

I like my eggs scrambled, my coffee with milk and sugar, and my steak medium. And at 62 years old, I think I will continue to answer those questions the same way that I have for the past 45+ years. I'll answer THOSE questions fast, and without much thought. 

If our kids lived in New Jersey, I am not sure that we would ever move. Maybe we might buy a 2nd home or vacation home. Or maybe just travel and do Airbnb or Pacaso or Vrbo when we want to explore the world. But the minute grandchildren are on the scene, all bets are off. 

Some decisions are easy and just roll off the tongue. Other decisions are very hard, requiring deep thought. Until, of course, those hard decisions become very easy indeed. 

Ah yes, Grandchildren. The X factor of life. 

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