Sunday, October 30, 2022

The meeting after the meeting - after the meeting!

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Time Flies: 2012 at Yankee Stadium

Last week was, well, pretty amazing - as far as "meetings and events" go. 

I drove two hours to Norristown, PA for a Lenovo / Zoom event on Tuesday. Later in the afternoon, I recorded a video podcast interview with (the amazing) Liz Wiseman from my home office. The other days there was a smattering of Zoom / BlueJeans meetings, a few webinars, and some Microsoft Teams meetings. 

But this past Thursday really stands out. I attended the Electric Elevate 2022 online event, from 11:00 AM EST to around 4:00 PM EST. And then at 5:20 PM EST I jumped on a bus to attend their "after party" in NYC. So Thursday was an excellent example of true hybrid meetings and events. 

I attended LIVE from BOONTON USA during the day, and then I attended LIVE (LIVE) in NYC from 6:30 PM to around 9:00 PM. Then I jumped back on a bus to BOONTON USA. 

What was very cool, was that I "met" people (from my home) during the Elevate 2022 event, via  I like their platform. I think that I connected with 200+ people via while in Hopin.

But when I arrived in NYC at The Press Lounge, people that I met during the day - greeted me like I was attending a class reunion. It felt like "Hey, Tom Capone is here!" The people that I met virtually during the day - were waiting for me to arrive in NYC. This was networking - expert level. 

The comedian Seth Herzog was LIVE on Hopin and then LIVE (LIVE) in NYC. I intend to hire Seth for future NYDLA | NADLA events - LIVE or LIVE (LIVE). Thursday night I met LIVE (LIVE) with Electric CEO Ryan Denehy. We talked about offering the services of Electric to the millions of members of NYDLA | NADLA. Yeah, I had his attention via LinkedIn since 2019 - but I REALLY had his attention when I shook his hand, LIVE (LIVE) in NYC. 

Norristown, PA was an 87 mile drive from BOONTON, USA.  That was a full day on the road. Thursday was a full day of meetings, but 80% of them from my home. I am so spoiled that I live 30 miles West of THE BIG APPLE. I sat in the last row of the bus - with my Lenovo laptop and 5Gfor.BIZ with my Jabra headset. Sometimes I get so much work done on the bus, that I secretly pray for traffic. But I keep that to myself while on the bus. 

The future of work, the future of education, the future of entertainment, is in the clouds. 

Hybrid - everything. LIVE, or LIVE (LIVE) is going to be dealer's choice from now on. Also this: Seth Herzog is funny. Like, FAH-NEE make you pee a little funny......  

Hire him for your next LIVE or LIVE (LIVE) event. 

But first and we'll get you the friends and family rate. 

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