Sunday, May 29, 2022

What happens in Vegas...

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The Word of the Day for May 29, 2022 was: Junket.

Junket refers to a trip that is paid for by someone else, such as a promotional trip made at another's expense, or an official's trip made at public expense. The word junket started out connected to food - banquets or feasts. Apparently, traveling must have been involved to reach some junkets because eventually the term broadened to apply to pleasure outings or trips, whether or not food was the focus. 

JUNKET in Context: "I'm getting ready for my junket to InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas next month." 

For me, things tend to go very slow - and then very fast. Literally, a month ago I did not know what InfoComm was, exactly. I heard of it, but honestly I had to Google it. And then, it seemed that every other person that I know was asking me if I was going to InfoComm in Las Vegas next month. 

And then - just this past week - I was invited to attend InfoComm as a VIP guest via one of our sponsorsHey - I'm going on a junket! 

It has now become crystal clear to me that InfoComm (the event produced by AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) is a very big deal indeed. Folks go to InfoComm to see new products, to find the best AV training and certification offered anywhere, and to grow their professional networks. Audio, Visual, Digital Signage, Events and Entertainment. Conferencing and Collaboration solutions. All the stuff that allows people to live, learn, work, play, teach, train, coach, mentor in the GLOBAL Cloud Economy. Ah so sensei.....

You can now see InfoComm on page one of and on our EVENTS page. We are inviting the entire NYDLA (and now, NADLA) community to attend InfoComm LIVE in Las Vegas. 

We expect 20,000+ to attend LIVE in Las Vegas (as in, wearing comfortable shoes) but - we expect 200,000+ of our members to join us LIVE but virtually via BlueJeans by Verizon as we (I'm bringing a team now...) walk the convention floor. The folks at AVIXA will be doing their own streaming media as well. Over the course of the next let's say 120 days, 2M+ people from the distance learning - DIGITAL learning - DIGITAL LIVING world shall benefit from all things InfoComm

This will be my first trip to Las Vegas since long before COVID. I live 30 miles West of Times Square, so I am very spoiled. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD going on (every single day) in THE BIG APPLE. Ah, but Vegas. 

Before COVID, around 40 million people would visit Las Vegas. That number shall now be much higher, as all of us want to make up for lost time. And, moving forward, ALL EVENTS shall be hybrid events. Omni-media, Transmedia, Multimedia, VR powered events

Back in 2003, the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" was the advertising slogan created by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. They hoped to rebrand Vegas as a place where visitors could let loose. The original phrase was "what happens here, stays here."

Well, it is now 2022, and we are due for a new slogan. "What happens in Vegas, is livestreamed to everyone in the world, to ANY device." 

Like I said above, things tend to go very slow - until they go very fast, indeed. and attend InfoComm 2022

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