Sunday, May 30, 2021

I (did not) get screwed at Best Buy

If you are reading on a smartphone, use landscape / hold phone sideways.

The Hisense - 50" Class - LED - H6500F Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Model 50H6570F with SKU: 637035 that I bought on 5/20/2020 died around a week ago. 3 days after the 1 year warranty expired. Finding a $299 TV with curbside pickup during the teeth of COVID-19, I was happy to get ANYTHING.

So, three days ago I ordered an "Open Box" Hisense - 50" Class A6G Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV Model: 50A6G with SKU: 6455164.  Condition: CERTIFIED. $334.99 with FREE 2-day delivery. Cool!  [ I wanted the exact same size, heck, I wanted the exact same TV for the custom spot we made above the fireplace.]

And, like clockwork, the TV showed up at my front door yesterday afternoon right after lunch. I really paused to marvel at how the world changed pre and post-COVID. 

I was also thrilled to read the little HDTV CERTIFICATION CHECKLIST, from Geek Squad Agent Badge ID# 181024. The little card went on and on, "bragging" about how this "open box" (aka, returned) device has been fully tested, inspected, and approved.

Again, COOL!

There were no screws in the box. The four little screws that you need to attach the TV to the stand. Four little tiny pieces of machined metal, that probably cost $0.0001 to produce. I cannot place the TV on top of the mantle, without these four little screws. 

Best Buy did not screw me. And I found myself desperately wanting to be screwed. 

And so began my journey with Best Buy Support, both online and via phone. "Hello. I just got delivery of Order #BBY01-848459444821, my open box Hisense TV.  There were no screws in the box, so I cannot attach the TV to the stand. I had to say this / type this several times. 

The final solution was to GO TO a Best Buy store to get properly screwed. 

But I said, "Well, before I DRIVE to the store, I would like to call them first, to make sure that they indeed HAVE the four little screws that were missing. But due to COVID, the local stores are not accepting phone calls. And the call center operators cannot contact the stores. It was going to be a gamble. 

And so, I looked in the mirror. "Well, punk. Do you feel lucky?" saying this to myself in my best Clint Eastwood voice in my mind. I knew that if I drove all the way to Best Buy and they did not have the screws, I was going to be - ah - obtuse

And so, I took the "legs" with me to the store, to say I need the four little screws that go WITH this stand. As soon as I entered the store, the Best Buy greeter met me at the door. "I need to see the manager," I said, with a slightly sinister smile. 

So, here's the deal. I am in business, and I know that stuff happens. The HDTV Geek Squad CERTIFIED OPEN-BOX tested and approved checklist, performed by Agent #181024 did not have "screws" on the checklist. Turns out that most Hisense TVs have "snap on" legs, so that the model that I bought (needs screws) was the anomaly. I can see how Agent #181024 missed it. Not happy about it, but I do understand.

While I was waiting for the manager to return from the back room, I was planning my "Do you know who I am????" speech. I just did a video podcast with the former CEO and Chairman of Best Buy. I am doing a video podcast with the current CEO of Best Buy. We are rolling out a 900+ location project of "Building Back Better" centers, in partnership with Best Buy. I said to myself, "Tom, please don't become one of those DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM assholes." 

The manager came back and placed four little screws in my hand. The then also placed a Best Buy gift card in my other hand - thanking me for my time, apologizing once again for my trouble and appreciating my understanding. He said he would also make this CASE known to all at the Geek Squad, so that this never happens again. 

This week our nationwide team will be gathering at the Four Points by Sheraton Mall of America hotel. 1.5 miles away is our engineering and architectural "kick off" meeting at Best Buy Corporate Campus, 7601 Penn Avenue South. This 900+ nationwide installation will be the largest project of my career, and the TECHNOLOGY is only a tiny part of the project. 

The REAL work begins after the power is turned on in 900+ virtual classrooms across North America. Check out weConnect when you get a minute. It should give you goosebumps to see the future of work, and the future of education, as we all build back better. 

Yeah, this week I did not get screwed by Best Buy. If I did get screwed properly by Best Buy the first time, who knows what today's blog would have been about, right? 

Yeah, I think both sides nailed it this week.  

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