Sunday, February 14, 2021

Best course of action: take the coarse course.

If you are reading on a smartphone, use landscape / hold phone sideways.

Since the pandemic, does it not seem like EVERY college and university in the USA has a certificate program? Of course it does.

Now what can I say rather than saying: of course?

Well, I can say absolutely, certainly, definitely, positively, surely, undoubtedly. But if I did that, this Sunday blog post would quickly become coarse. Which, of course, would make my blog of ordinary or inferior quality or value. You know, coarse

Now let's assume that you are still reading my blog... 

A course is a series of lectures or lessons in a particular subject, typically leading to a qualification. Like a certificate. A class is a course of instruction. 

Course is the broadest term for the study of a subject. It could be used to refer to a certificate or an entire degree program, but is most appropriately applied to a specific subject such as First Year English Literature. 

Class is more specific and is most properly applied to a section of a course taught by one instructor to one group of students at a certain scheduled time.

Lesson is the most specific and implies a particular unit of instruction, such as would be delivered by a particular instructor to a particular class on a given day. Like "I learned my lesson" today because I read Tom's blog. Yeah, like that.  

Land the plane Tom, land the plane......

Years ago, your parents (and grandparents) would say: "You've got to get a good education" because good education = good job

A good education is (was?) the foundation to a better future. So, you would (physically) GO TO COLLEGE, to get yourself that good education, to get yourself that good life you heard about. The path to a good life was through education - and a college degree was your proof that you DESERVE that good life. But you had to GO to college, and maybe borrow money to do it. As in, pack up your stuff, and live in a closet (aka dorm room) for a few years. Time (years) and (big) money, all was a smart investment to get that good life. Go get 'em college boy! I just had a flashback to Bullwinkle attending Wossamotta U back in the 60's. 

And now, sadly due to COVID, online courses are all the rage. A course was a direction or route to be taken. The path, route, or channel along which anything moves, like the course of a stream. The course to advancement or progression in a particular direction, forward onward movement. Ah so, an ONLINE course. Is a CERTIFICATE (or many certificates) as good as a DEGREE? Not sure, but they sure are popular these days. You can now attend a campus in the clouds. Like The Cloud University

As of today, the world is indeed Powered By Zoom. I don't know if classic college education will ever go back to where we were pre-COVID. The student loan crisis, and the fact that the ROI (return on investment) of a classic on-campus college education is now suspect has me thinking that the days of packing up the car and physically "going to college" might be, well, it might now be... corse. (Google it). and THRIVE 
in the global cloud economy.

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