Sunday, February 16, 2020

Répondez s'il vous plaît

RSVP is an initialism derived from the French phrase meaning "Please respond" to require confirmation of an invitation. Sometimes invitations will request an RSVP for "regrets only." This means that if you know you cannot attend, you should let the host know via the requested method as stated in the invitation. Keeping in mind if you DON'T respond to a "regrets only" RSVP, you are expected to be there.

On the last three days of this month, select NYDLA members will be at the Marriott Marquis, New York City. It's kinda a big deal, where qualified "NYED-LA" members will be "fully hosted" including airfare, accommodations, meals, and planned activities. If you are a decision maker for your company, if you qualify to attend because you have the power of the pen, if you influence the buying decision for your college, school, corporation or organization, you can expect an Uber Black to pick you up at your home, take you to the airport, fly you to NYC, wine and dine you for three days, all while you experience the iconic landmarks and sophisticated culture of New York City. All of this, with the intention of converting you into a paying customer. Yeah, we have some AMAZING sponsors. And they want to meet you, up close and personal. 

So here, yeah, with such a "fully hosted" event, the RSVP from the invited guest is a big deal. After all, there are only so many rooms at the Marriott Marquis. And of course, even the largest of the conference rooms can only hold so many people, right? If they send an Uber for you, you better have your bags packed and be ready to go to the airport.

Also this month: NYDLA members shall be attending (actually co-sponsoring) a virtual global expo. From Singapore to Silicon Valley, from New York City to London, "NYED-LA" members will be invited to gather online to build and launch and sell their products globally. With a focus on crowdfunding, entreprenuership and global growth, this global interactive event will help an (unlimited) number of people to build their global brands. 

Here, all are welcome - RSVP from our invited guests is not required. Everyone on the planet is welcome to attend our virtual global expo - there's plenty of room in the clouds. And it's carbon footprint friendly. 

Powered by Workplace by Facebook, this virtual event is forecasted to be our biggest event to date. There is NO LIMIT to the number of people who can attend live. It is estimated that 2.89 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month and more than 2.26 billion people use at least one of the Facebook family of services every day, on average. Workplace has 3M+ paid users, companies from retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, media, entertainment, hospitality, food & beverage, transportation, real estate, utilities, shipping and government.

The Oculus Rift headset was for gamers by gamers, end of story. But then Facebook bought the company for around $2 billion because it had much bigger vision and plans for virtual reality as the future of engagement. Such as virtual events, virtual trade shows, virtual meetings, and of course - Esports

I live around 30 miles west of Times Square. So, with no traffic I could leave my house and be at the Marriott Marquis in just over an hour. No big deal. But for someone who has never been to The Big Apple, it is a very big deal. I'll be attending the three day event at the Marriott Marquis the end of this month - and - I'll ALSO be attending our virtual global expo on the 29th - via my Oculus headset. From the Marriott Marquis. 

Last thing: according to Goldman Sachs, the global Esports audience will grow from 194 million to 276 million in 2022. So mega global events at venues like the Marriott Marquis in New York City will be like hosting the ultimate GLOBAL Super Bowl. 

That $2B+ that Facebook paid for Oculus is starting to look like a pretty good deal.

Now, please RSVP here so that I know you read this blog. 

Esports shall soon overtake the NBA's 400 million fans. 

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