Sunday, July 30, 2023

Another Bang-Bang play!

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A "bang-bang" play is a term used to describe a close play in baseball or football. In baseball, a "bang-bang" play is when the runner is barely thrown out, usually at first base. The term may reflect the "bang" of the ball in the first-baseman's glove followed immediately by the "bang" of the base runner's foot hitting the bag. Because of the quick succession, the umpire sometimes fails to make the call.

In football, a "bang-bang" play is when multiple events occur at once or quickly in succession. For example, a "bang-bang" play could be a quick pass to get the WR out of bounds.

For me, in business, a "bang-bang" play (or deal) is when it all happens FAST.

I had a bang-bang business deal this month. I answered (responded to) an ad on my personal Facebook page (I usually don't do that, ever). This one, caught my eye. From there, I found their website. From there I found the founders/owners on LinkedIn. From there, we had a Zoom meeting. And then one more Zoom meeting with the CEO and COO. From there - I became their North American partner. Turns out, their Angel Investor is one of the wealthiest men in Australia. Bang-bang!

This all happened within a few days, definitely less than a week. It is funny how sometimes in business, things just... drag on. Meetings. Then the follow up meetings. And then, contract negotiations. It is like all the air is sucked out of the room. Boring. Sometimes it becomes depressing, sometimes it becomes painful. You might even begin to forget why we are even talking about doing anything at all. 

I always look forward to the bang-bang business deals. The energy is high. The pace is fast. It is like the "ah ha!" moments are bouncing off each other. There is a spark, and an immediate visionary optimism as to what the future holds - for both sides. 

Good timing can turn a mediocre product into a breakout success; bad timing can destroy an otherwise successful career. In business, timing is everything. Unfortunately, most people think timing is just like luck. Proper timing can help businesses maximize revenue and gain a competitive advantage. For example, launching a product at the right time can help businesses take advantage of market conditions, consumer trends, and seasonal demand to increase sales. Timing can also help businesses align with their customers' journeys. Customers react to products differently and make decisions at different times for different products.

If a startup arrives too early, it may not get the expected traction. If it enters the market late, there are already competitors and entry barriers to fend off. This can result in poor reception by potential consumers. Timing can also be an important aspect of productivity and time management. Bang-bang business deals, for me, are my favorite thing. I feed off of them. It makes me think about luck, and how success comes from 50% being lucky, and 50% being prepared for the luck when it arrives. 

Bang-bang deals also remind me that when two people want to do business together - it will happen. You can be late to the first meeting, you can make a few missteps along the way - if people WANT it to work out, it will all work out. And, the opposite is true. If two people really (maybe even secretly) don't want to do business together - it is not going to happen. Not because of price, not because of any measurable reason. It will be all smiles and jokes, drinks and lunch meetings and pats on the back - and then nothing is going to cross the finish line. A big fat waste of time and money, poof. 

Cherish the bang-bang business deals when you come across them. They will become the stories you tell at the company holiday parties. 

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