Sunday, June 30, 2019

Let's get this on tape

Is it Duck Tape or Duct Tape?

Well, today Duck Tape is a BRAND of Duct tape, which for my money is pure genius. We were arguing (politely chatting) in May during a family get-together about if it was DUCK or DUCT tape.

Enter Google: It turns out that it was first DUCK TAPE, invented during World War II by Johnson & Johnson for the military. The waterproof, cloth backed tape was perfect for keeping moisture out of ammunition cases. Like water off a ducks back. Military personnel quickly learned that it was good for way more than keeping out water. Fixing their guns, Jeep repair, strapping equipment to their clothing, the list was endless.

And then AFTER the war, people started calling it DUCT TAPE, because it was a great way to fix leaks in forced air heating and cooling systems.

So all this Google-ing about DUCT / DUCK tape on the deck had me stumble across this new startup, Tape. And so the story now gets very interesting. And very sticky.

Turns out that this new startup tech company called Tape addresses one of the most pressing problems in business today: lead decay.

No, not lead decay as in radioactive isotopes. LEAD DECAY, as in "how long does it take you to get back to someone when they visit your website?"

LEADS, the lifeblood of any size business, are a big deal. So, I filled out the form, and just like that, there was a welcome video waiting for me in my smartphone.

Instant lead processing. Instant lead follow up, instant lead engagement. 

It did not take me long to reach out and have a nice little chat with the young founders of Tape. Ex-Amazon, Ex-Facebook, Ex-(you name it) young geniuses, all of them. It also did not take long for ALL OF US to see how Tape's lead decay solution would be an amazing value-added member benefit for the entire NYDLA community.

Heck, how could anyone in business NOT want to have instant, professional, personal engagement with their website visitors?

And so, just like that Tape is now a value-added member benefit for the millions of members of the NYDLA. And just like that, Tape is (soon) going to have another definition.  There is audio tape, video tape, magnetic tape, ticker tape, mounting tape, adhesive tape, electrical tape and many dozens of other kinds of tape.

But THIS tape, this technology is going to become a verb.

Just as "Google it" has become a verb, sending someone a tape video over SMS technology is going to become expected. It is going to become necessary to compete in the ever growing world of eCommerce. NOT using Tape on your website is going to become, well, like not having any DUCK TAPE when you need it!

Tape: to get back to someone immediately, professionally and with great alacrity.

And I ALWAYS call it DUCK tape. Always have, always will.

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