Sunday, December 31, 2017

This is my last blog!

Of 2017.  

That was tricky, right? “Wow, Tom’s blogs are always amazing -
why would he stop blogging???”

Made you look. Made you click. Made you read this far. If this was “fake news”
it’s too late. Let’s come back to this later.

Standing is good for you. Sitting at a desk all day long is bad for you.
They say that just standing - getting up from your desk - once every
twenty minutes will make an AMAZING difference in your health.
Just stand up. Once every twenty minutes.

Cool!  What a perfect New Year’s resolution! Take your smartphone,
and set the timer to ring once every twenty minutes. Stand up.
Take a few steps away from your desk. OK, you can go sit down again.
Boom! Done!

Google “Standing for Health”

You will see many articles that talk about standing desks, standing at work,
and how doing something as simple as STANDING UP will change your life.

It’s better than going to the gym!

On the circle of health hype, what was bad becomes good, then it becomes
overrated, then it becomes bad again. That’s what happened to barefoot
running and multivitamins, and it’s where the purported dangers of
“too much sitting” seem to be headed.
But, like all hype cycles, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle rather
than on the peaks or in the valleys.
It’s worth looking at an interesting study published in the American Journal of
Epidemiology that finds jobs that require a lot of standing to be much worse for
your health than jobs that require mostly sitting. The new study is a surprising
opposite of the “sitting is the new smoking” message.
Standing all day long is no good for you.
Sitting all day long is no good for you.
But if you stand up and take a few steps away from your desk every
twenty minutes during your day, you are on your way to perfect health!
Unless you take a few steps away from you desk to go outside and smoke.
Or go eat junk food.

Where are you going with this Tom?
Having New Year’s resolutions are good for you.
Unless of course, having New Year’s resolutions are bad for you.
If you cannot stand up and take a few steps away from your desk every
twenty minutes, what chance do you have of going to the gym, or quitting
smoking, or getting more sleep, or keeping any of your other noble
New Year’s resolutions?
OK, if you are not going to stand up and take a few steps away from your desk
every twenty minutes for your own physical health, how about doing something
for your own mental health?
Do not click on fake news in 2018.
Do not read fake news in 2018.
Do not spread or share or promote fake news in 2018.
How can you possibly know if something is fake news you ask?
Well, you can click on everything.
Or you can click on nothing.
Or you can take the time to read, research, validate what you read before you
share it or promote it on social media. Alternative facts are by definition,
not facts at all.
Just like standing all day long - or not standing at all - the best most healthy
answer is always going to be somewhere in the middle.
OK, that’s it.
My last blog!
Of 2017.

[ Insert standing ovation here. Go ahead, standing is good for you. I think. ]

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