Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Cool Table


Last night we all went out for dinner with the family and friends. There is a cool “All You Can Eat” Sushi Bar called Mr. Sushi.  Well, if this is the place that Sushi is named after, it must be great, right?

My job (beyond financing the meal) is to torture the waiter / waitress whenever we go out to dinner. I let them know that I am good tipper straight up, so that we don’t get kicked out before the food arrives.

When we go out to eat, there is always good food, lots of laughs, and lots of snarly and snarky comments. No one asked last night for us to “keep it down” which has happened on several occasions.

The place had a policy - you can order all the Sushi that you wanted - but - if you WASTE any food, they will charge you FULL PRICE for anything that you don’t eat.

Scene I
The waiter told us that the place will soon get busy, so if we want to order MORE food, we might want to order the 2nd round - now - otherwise we might have to wait. “Oh, sure, let me double down right now, so we don’t have to wait! Thanks for the advice, Mr. Waiter!”

The girls all ordered WAY MORE than they could possibly eat. So, the boys had to eat what they could not, otherwise the bill at the end of the night (according the to fine print on the menu) COULD be 2x.

So, the scene turned from happy and silly, to “EAT THAT DAMN SUSHI!”  Why the hell did you order so much food!  We are gonna have to pay double you fool!  I can’t eat another bite! Does anyone have a purse? Put it in your purse!

It ended well. We only had one or two pieces go begging, and we were able to break them apart and spread the rice around, destroying the evidence. REMINDING the waiter that I am a good tipper, we all said how much we loved the place and how we would be back again soon!

We are never going back.

This was not just an Sushi Bar, it was an ALL YOU CAN EAT Sushi Bar. The ALL YOU CAN EAT was the hook. The ALL YOU CAN EAT made them stand out from the rest. We drove an extra 10 miles to see Mr. Sushi, because HE was going to let us be gluttons!

This morning all of our house guests - we all KNOW what we did last night. We all did the walk of shame. Let’s just say that we all used the Febreze® in the bathroom this morning. Too vivid? Sorry.

Scene II
As I sit here thinking about ALL YOU CAN EAT things in other areas of life, how do they really work? At the end of the day, are there any ALL YOU CAN EAT things where people are truly glad and more happy due to the fact that they made pigs of themselves?

All you can eat data plans on cell phones. All you can eat voice and text. All the movies you can download and watch in the month. All the books you can read for a flat fee. Is there anything in business or in life where UNLIMITED really makes it better? We know that UNLIMITED makes it MORE, but does it make it any better?

Last night, my first bite of Sushi was amazing. In fact, the first few bites made me say the frequently uttered line “Oh, this is the best Sushi I have ever had - ever.” And then, bite after bite, piece after piece, I was slowly starting to wish that Mr. Sushi would commit hara-kiri.

“That bastard Mr. Sushi is running a scam!” was the general consensus at the cool table, less than an hour after we all sat down.

The things in life that we have unlimited access (Social Media, for one) do not get better because of quantity.

Quality does not come from quantity. But our brains see ALL YOU CAN EAT and we will drive further, and wait in line longer to get it. Lemmings, all of us.

Bigger is not better.  Better is better.  

With that being said, I would not say no to one of the kids running out and buying the LARGER size bottle of Pepto-Bismol this morning.

We DO love the VALUE PACK, however....

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