Sunday, February 17, 2013

I skipped going to church today. While I was in the backyard playing with Bella, she began to speak. She said that I could do penance by writing about the ten commandments of running a technology company. The conversation went like this:

“Thou must establish relationships with other breeds,” she said.  I asked a clarifying question - not the best thing to do to a talking dog.  “With whom?” The answer was simple. “With everyone - public sector, private sector, industries, nonprofits, and anyone else who can help to build your company.”  "Sounds pretty inclusive” I said.  “It is,” she replied.

  • “Thou shall not construct false idols.”  Dummy me, I asked, “Like what?”  She said, “Don’t think that there are any magic doggie tricks or solutions. Think outside the box and be creative. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were actors, not real dogs.”

  • “Thou shall not growl about not having enough kibble.” She said, “For what has been given to you might be taken away in an instant.” Make it work with what you have, I thought.

  • “Thou shall take some time off - all work and no play leaves no time for walks in the park.” A little self-serving for Bella, I thought. But a good point nevertheless.

  • “Thou shall honor the dog catcher so that they shall be well with thee.” Smart dog, I thought. “I am talking about the IRS, you know,” she said.

    “Thou shall not make enemies of other doggies.” She went on to point out that “Friends come and go, but enemies you keep forever. Remember, you can’t make people or companies (or doggies) cooperate with you.”

    “Thou shall keep your promises to the pack and promise less and deliver more.” This commandment immediately struck home. I was always trying to do more than what my staff and resources would allow.  

    “Thou shall steal all the good ideas and doggie tricks that you can.”  This one seemed negative to me, based on my memories of the original Ten Commandments, so I suggested that maybe this was wrong. “Nay,” she said, “you are to use all good ideas, no matter where they come from. Someone else has dug up that bone for you.”

    “Thou shall not talk bad about other breeds.” Since this has become a national sport on Facebook, Twittter and such, I thought this might be a tough one to follow. With a loud bark, she pointed out how this commandment and No. 6 (make no enemies) are related.

    “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s kibble.” I think about all of the money given to dumb companies by dumb VC firms for dumb ideas, and how much we could do with a fraction of that funding. Don’t waste time thinking about what others have; go make your own kibble.

    With that being said, the voice stopped talking and Bella went back to barking, as she saw a squirrel. 
    And then I realized that Dog is God spelled backwards. 

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