Friday, August 27, 2010

We have an App for that, too.

Armed with immediate, anytime, anywhere connectivity via their smart phones, today’s on-the-go consumers are no longer tied to their land line telephones and desktop computers. Mobile web access will surpass traditional PCs by 2013.

• The average number of Americans who used their mobile phone to browse the web grew by 61% in 2008 vs. 2007.
• Mobile bookings are expected to reach $160 million in 2010; 67% of overall travelers and 77% of frequent business travelers with web-enabled mobile phones have already used their phones to find local services and attractions.
• 71% of U.S. adults polled consider it safe to make a purchase via a mobile phone; 43% of respondents are willing to use their mobile phone to purchase hotel rooms and 40% are willing to use it to purchase tickets for travel.

It’s clear from these statistics that clients are becoming increasingly mobile-ready and as the trend continues to escalate, the need for your marketing efforts to keep pace will be paramount to engaging them — and keeping them engaged. From the delivery of personalized messages and promotions to expediting booking and reservations, mobile marketing unleashes a plethora of effective opportunities for connecting and interacting with your clients that were non-existent a handful of years ago.

Mobile Advertising on the Rise
U.S. mobile advertising spending will surge 85% to $593 million this year from $320 million in 2008, and it’s projected to hit $1.6 billion (yes…. billion) by 2013.

When you think about mobile marketing and advertising, text messaging is often the first activity that comes to mind. Optimizing message distribution via texting enables marketers to connect with consumers in a relevant, timely, and personalized manner. And by ensuring that texting campaigns are “call-to-action” based, marketers are able to efficiently track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Let’s say you were selling Gas & Electric savings to consumers nationwide. You could simply ask your prospect to text the keyword Energy to 70101, and they would get more information. And then, the “drip marketing” for the energy sale begins. Here, text the keyword Tom to 30101 and see what you get back to your cell phone. You too, can have a mobile business card like me!

As smart phones continue to enhance the on-the-go lifestyles of your clients, it is imperative that your marketing efforts become increasingly mobile. U.S. mobile phone subscribers will reach 308.7 million by 2013 — translating to a whopping 96.7% penetration — this is a consumer trend you simply cannot afford to let pass you by.

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