Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long Lines

I have been in sales all of my life, and I find people and human nature fascinating. When gasoline prices were at record highs just a short time ago, there would be long lines of cars waiting to buy gas at the local gas station, because their price was $0.10 less per gallon.  There are two other gas stations within 200 yards, but one had long lines of customers waiting to buy the “cheap gas” with cars wrapped around the block. People are willing to spend time and money, sitting still with their engines running, to save $0.10 per gallon.  And yet, these same people will not invest the same amount of time necessary to reduce their ongoing telecom or IT expenses by 20 to 40%.  They will spend 20 minutes in their car, waiting to buy gas, but they will not invest 20 minutes to reduce an ongoing unavoidable expense, such as their voice, data, wireless or wireline services.  And now, due to deregulation, the same ongoing savings is available for their home or business gas and electric bills.  Ah yes, the life of a salesman. Sounds like this might be a good job for Dr. Phil.

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