Sunday, January 21, 2024

You don't have to tell me once

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I have been a customer (fan?) of 37signals for years. I'm thinking 20 years. I have interviewed Jason Fried, the CEO and founder three times. There is something about their culture, their style that grabs me. If I was ever unemployed, I would beg for a job with those guys.

I don't need to steal his thunder, so you can read all about "Once" right here. 

And, you can read my email to Jason right (sent this around two hours ago, 1/21/2024 7:25 AM EST) here:

Hey Jason, {} this is one of the hosting vendors that we resell who gives us excellent margins and excellent support. 

One of many vendors. We can promote and Campfire 1.0  and the "Once" story to the millions in the global DLA community.  Evangelize the logic of buying / Campfire for their needs. 

They pay you full price for / Campfire 1.0 directly from you, I help them to see the value of hosting with us. Hosting via the DLA is a member benefit. Our buying power is massive based on our millions of members. If they host on their own, without us, that is fine. No hard feelings. Maybe we sell them their server, their hardware? Lenovo? We still turned them on to a cool thing which "fits" the DLA community and our global collaboration world...

My logic: worst case scenario, we are helping our friends at 37signals to spread the word about

Best case scenario: this all becomes a home run, we make 100+ sales for you, and then you contemplate allowing us to resell the same way that we resell {realnamegoeshere}. 

So unless you stop me, I'm going to do all of the above. No risk or downside to you, only upside..... 


Now, as of this Sunday Blog, I did not hear back from Jason. I think he is in CA, so it is still early out there. He might say "Hell no, Tom! Over my dead body...." But I feel that there is less than 0.01% chance of that. Why would he say no? 

There is another cool story about how the folks at 37signals came up with the name "Once" and how they bought the domain name. But that is fodder for a future Sunday Blog. 

AND SO...... this blog is LIVE on 1/21/2024. If this blog post remains live.... well then you know that Jason did not say no. Nor did he say Hell No, or any variation of "No". I might not get a HELL YES! but I don't think I'll get a no, or a soft no, or anything that even remotely sounds like "Hey, hold up there Tommy Baby...".  { is also from 37signals.... 😎 }

One of my favorite quotes from Jason is this: "When you say "No" to something, you are saying no to one thing. When you say "Yes" to something, you are saying "No" to MANY things. In other words, there are only so many hours in the day. You cannot do everything. So be careful what you say Yes to, because that YES might actually equal hundreds of NOs. 

But don't be AFRAID to say.......... YES.

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