Sunday, December 31, 2023

Three and Twenty Five

  If you are reading on a smartphone, use landscape / hold phone sideways. 

My Sunday Blog happens to fall on New Year's Eve, 2024.

OK, so "TIME" is my topic for today...

I saw a post the other day that really hit me hard. Maybe it's because I'm a new 'first-time' Grandpa, in my first 30 days of Grandpadom. New Year, with its resolutions, and 365 days of well, life... reflections, wins, losses, and then all the hopes and promises of the NEW YEAR. A clean slate, a "do over" like kids on the playground. 

I'm going to make today's blog my gift to you - a gift of time. More of it. 

Yeah, there are 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year - for all of us. No matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter where you live in the world, we all have 24 hours and 365 days to spend our "time" as wisely and as productively as possible. Do not waste time - it's the true coin of the realm. 

I present to you "The Pomodoro Technique". Feel free to Google it yourself.

Here is my style, my way of working. Your mileage may vary.

Two egg timers. One 3 minute timer, one that goes up to 60 minutes. Both can be purchased at the Dollar Store for, well, for $1. 

If you can do something in 3 minutes or less, do it now. Right now. Get it out of the way. Done. Check that box. Completed

If it will take you more than 3 minutes, use the Pomodoro Technique. Focused blocks of time, 25 minutes. Work for 25 minutes, deeply. Then stand up, and walk 10 steps away from your desk. Seriously, stand and walk away from your desk - no cheating! Change your posture. Standing changes your circulation. Walk to the window, look outside. Get a glass of water. Do ANYTHING that forces you to step away from your desk for (at least) 5 minutes. Stand, walk and get your blood flowing again. 

OK, back to work - for another focused 25 minutes. 1 Pomodoro = 25 minutes of deep, focused work. Repeat, repeat, repeat. In an 8 hour day, there is the possibility for 16 Pomodoros, if you work like a robot. And, there is a 99.99% chance that you are not a robot, if you are reading this blog. *in 2024, that percentage may drop.... 

The Pomodoro Technique. And the Getting Things Done system. Work in bursts of deep, focused work. Touch things once. Do it, delegate it, or delete it. 

None of us can create more time - but all of us can maximize the time that we have. 8 - 8 - 8 is eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, and eight hours of WHATEVER YOU PLEASE. Hopefully, 8 hours of time with family, friends, dog parks - 8 hours of whatever makes life worth living. 

When you sleep - SLEEP! When you work - WORK! And when you are with your friends and family - do it like your life depends on it - because it does. 

When you get right down to it, life is nothing more than lots and lots of Pomodoros....all linked together. Use them wisely. 

And there you have it.... my Sunday Blog in less than a Pomodoro. 

Ok, so now I am standing and walking... looks like my dog Konta needs to go out, so this should be more than 5 minutes.... cool. 

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