Sunday, October 22, 2023

Beer with me for a moment

"I was today years old" is a playful expression used on social media to humorously convey the discovery or realization of something new or surprising.

What is the meaning of "I was today years old"?

The phrase “I was today years old” suggests that the person just learned or understood something significant at that moment, implying that they should have known or discovered it earlier in life. For example, someone might post on social media, "I was today years old when I realized that 'news' is the plural of 'new.'" This implies that the person only recently discovered this fact, despite it being common knowledge.

How is the phrase "I was today years old" used on social media?

The phrase is often used when someone comes across a piece of information, a fact, or a life hack that is deemed interesting or mind-blowing. By saying "I was today years old when I found out," the person is emphasizing their delayed realization or the sense of astonishment they experienced upon learning something that seems obvious or widely known to others.

The phrase has become popular in online discussions and memes, often accompanied by humorous or sarcastic reactions to various realizations or discoveries. It serves as a light-hearted way to share and engage with newfound information or insights, while also acknowledging the humor in delayed realizations.

I was today years old when I found out that Baby Showers are a FREE PASS for guys to drink lots of beer and eat lots of wings.

This weekend was a Capone family Baby Shower, in Milford Connecticut. The girls did the traditional Baby Shower at a local restaurant in Milford. The boys did BEER AND WINGS. 

I never heard of Archie Moore's before yesterday. With five locations, countless accolades, and over 15 million wings later, Archie Moore's has become Connecticut's neighborhood bar and restaurant. My two sons went to UCONN and Quinnipiac, so they KNEW THE DEAL with Archie Moore's. 

No ... not the boxer.

History shows Archibald Moore — an Irish immigrant — settled in New Haven, Connecticut and established a watering hole on Willow Street in 1898. A succession of taverns remained for nearly a century, but it wasn’t until 1982 that Archie’s served up its award-winning buffalo chicken wings to Connecticut for the first time.

From their website: "Five locations, countless accolades, and over 15 million wings later, Archie Moore’s has become Connecticut’s neighborhood bar and restaurant. You can find our famous Buffalo Wing Sauce at grocery stores across Connecticut, or pick up a bottle at your neighborhood Archie Moore’s."

So next time you’re looking for moore good times with family and friends, moore legendary wings, and moore genuine hospitality, meet us at your neighborhood Archie’s. Tell ‘em Archie sent you.

And now, 24 hours after the Capone Boys WINGS AND BEER extravaganza, I find myself using my Sunday Blog to spread the word about ARCHIE MOORE'S. 

Earlier in the week, I did an interview with the CEO of Solo Brands. It will probably be LIVE on by tomorrow, Tuesday the latest.  From the interview: "We believe in creating good and that starts with inspiring our customers to create a good life. Solo Brands is about Designing Good, Doing Good and Being Good so it can Create Good one good moment at a time."

Archie Moore's. Solo Brands. One company is 100% OFFLINE, as in you drive, you sit down, you eat, you drink. The other is 100% ONLINE, as in nothing brick and mortar. There is no place to drive or walk to and buy - it is purely and only online. And dare I say, both are massively successful. 

On this Sunday morning, it really hit me. I now love Archie Moore's and I now love Solo Brands. I am now in their tribe. I am in their family. I have become their Brand Ambassador

I have no idea what the price of the Beer and the Wings was yesterday. As long as it was "within reason" the price did not really matter. In fact, if the wings were priced too low - it would not have felt right. What happened yesterday was an experience. The "boys" version of a Baby Shower. Was the beer selection good? Yes. Were the wings good? The wings were freakin' amazing. But what really makes me pause, and reflect is that both Solo Brands and Archie Moore's provided an EXPERIENCE

Business Success - Expert Level: It is the way they make us feel. 

From their website: "Solo Stove designs simple, ingenious outdoor products that help you enjoy good moments that turn into lasting memories. Whether it’s a mountain trail, a quiet moment, or a backyard party, we’re grateful to be a part of your Solo Stove experience, and look forward to the decades ahead of delivering products designed for sharing, surviving, storytelling, and s’mores that will bless generations to come."

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