Sunday, April 10, 2022

Did the Easter Bunny Jump the Shark?

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Today is Palm Sunday. This morning, I received a reminder about Easter in my inbox. Along with 101 Happy Easter messages that I might send out as a small business. 

I was reminded of THE IMPORTANCE of sending out a Happy Easter Message.

I was given a list of THE BEST Easter Greeting messages to send to employees.

And if I was uncomfortable sending a religious Easter message in a professional environment, I was given a list of Easter Greeting messages that don't focus on faith, Jesus, or Christianity. I was reminded that I can send funny Easter messages, or ones that reference springtime or the Easter Bunny. 

And, if I had a boss, I was given a list of possible well wishes and ways to show my appreciation to my boss. 

Easter Wishes: Best Business Messages for Clients

"Hoppy" Easter Messages to Send to Clients

Best Easter Greeting Messages to Send to Co-Workers

I was reminded that Easter offers the opportunity to share goodwill and gratitude with friends and family or colleagues and clients. That while Easter is a sacred religious festival for Christians, people of many faiths embrace the ancient celebration that welcomes spring. And I was reminded that if I was looking to engage colleagues and clients with a secular message or a religious one, there are Easter greetings to meet any criteria. 

Once again, THE IMPORTANCE of sending a Happy Easter message was made clear. That for Christians around the world, Easter celebrates the resurrection of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For many others, Easter commemorates the arrival of Spring and the renewal of life. Either way, sending Easter wishes messaging shows professional contacts, including co-workers, clients, and even management, that you recognize their faith and appreciate their role in your life. 

Easter spending in 2022 is anticipated to be the highest on record. Last year, consumers spent an average of $179.70 with nearly 79% of Americans celebrating the holiday (spending money) in some capacity. 

Personally, I have not been to a Catholic Easter Mass in many (many) years, but I do remember this:

  "We are an Easter People".

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