Sunday, March 22, 2015

And then there were none

March Madness Part II

And then there were none.

In the 35th game of the NCAA tournament, the final perfect bracket fell. A 26-year-old sign language interpreter from Cleveland picked his favorite team -- Ohio State -- to beat Arizona. The Wildcats bested the Buckeyes 73-58 Saturday night.

On Friday night, the man who became the sole entrant with a perfect bracket through the round of 64 was checking his phone from a salsa club, reloading the final scoreboards to make sure he still had every game correct.

By day's end, Malachi, who asked to keep his last name anonymous out of privacy concerns, had the only one out of 11.57 million brackets with every team still in green. You can read the entire article HERE

11.57 million brackets filled out. Over 11 million people took the time, did the research, asked for advice, and filled out a NCAA tournament bracket. And of course, after submitting the bracket, they all paid close attention to see how far they would get.

In the time that it took them to do this, they could have opened a new business.

See my blog from earlier this month (scroll down). 

Never has it been so easy to start a business. Never has it been so easy be mentored, to be coached, to be guided on how to launch, run and grow a thriving business. 

One of last year's "Build A Business" winners launched their store in ONE DAY. That's right, from start to finish, they opened their new store and began taking orders in less than 24 hours. They had a idea. They took a shot. They got off the bench, and into the game. 
The NCAA Tournament is in the "Sweet Sixteen" phase. Our "Build A Business" 2015 contest is in the "Terrific Ten" phase. You have until March 31st to take a free trial of Shopify and start a business. Get off the bench. Get into the game. Your coaches are waiting for you, but they can only match your energy. 

If you are a member of the you have DOUBLE the chances to win - as we shall be taking 5 lucky members of the to Necker Island. It will cost you nothing to enter the contest, just like filling out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament. 11.57 million brackets filled out. 

Wow, just think about 11.57 million new businesses. 

Got questions? Send an email to

You never know what will happen if you try. You only know with 100% certainty what will happen if you don't even take a shot. 

On Necker Island, you’ll be joined by this year’s mentors: Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson, Daymond John, Marie Forleo, and special guest Seth Godin. You’ll receive personalized, invaluable advice and guidance from each of them to help you continue to grow your business.

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