Saturday, June 11, 2011

Choose your distractions wisely

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always been getting.”
How much thought have you actually given to the full power behind that statement and what it might take to change your results. What it takes is a shift in thinking; wiping the slate clean of all your comfortable ways of doing business and stretching your mind to think about new and different ways to build business.
To help you begin the process, here are six significant steps to ponder: Diversify
It’s comfortable to continue calling on familiar types of customers. But is there an industry that’s not your typical customer base which just might be ripe for using your service? In this fast-changing market new industries are popping up everywhere. Is there something you’ve overlooked? Some category that no one has yet approached? Who might be in need of your service that previously did not? Who that’s already using your service may know a new type of customer, but you haven’t thought to ask? Leverage your strengths. 
What separates you from your competition? Certainly there’s something you have that others don’t. Maybe it’s you and your ability to respond faster, solve problems or just communicate more effectively. Whatever your strength, what are you doing to leverage it? Be easy to work with. 
People do business with people they like. And, they like individuals who can take the hassle out of their day and are pleasant while doing it. How easy are you to work with? How easy are you to reach and how pleasant are you to deal with in a crisis? Develop resource relationships before you need them. 
Referrals are always better than cold calls, but how much have you done to develop strong relationships with your potential referral sources before you may need them? What have you done for your colleagues to help them? Have you spent time nurturing relationships or do you find yourself with very few resources when you most need them? Build A Network.
The world is a network today. Boundaries are few. The greater your network, the larger your potential for success. What kind of a network have you built? Take massive action.
Very little happens with any plan, technique or premise until you commit it to massive action. That requires determination and focus. While always important, this is particularly critical during highly competitive and difficult economic times. It requires self-motivation of the highest level and a focus that allows few if any distractions. Do you have what it takes?
I end by sharing with you one of my favorite quotes. You may want to print it out in big, bold, colorful letters and look at it often:

“Choose your distractions wisely for they will cost you dearly.”

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