Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hiding Your Easter Eggs in Plain Sight

When our kids were young, we hid Easter Eggs around the house.  It was a big deal. I have great memories of watching our boys running around the house, inside and out, searching for their eggs.  The goal was clear – collect as many eggs as you could find – put them in your basket, and bring them back for the final tally. Some of the eggs were easy to find, hidden in plain sight.  Some were hidden so well, they were never found.  Many weeks after Easter had long passed we would once again search for Easter Eggs, but this time it would be my wife and I hunting for eggs - using our “sense of smell”. 

*Tip: if you are going to hide Easter Eggs inside the house, count them before you hide them.

When we are young, the adults in our lives lay out our Easter Eggs for us to find.  We are sent on our way to search for our treasures – to seek and find our purpose in life.  The goal of the Easter Egg hunt is clear: find more eggs than everyone else.  Competition starts early, and it carries throughout life. 

A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature secretly placed inside of a work such as a computer program, web page, game, video, movie, book or crossword. This practice is similar in some respects to hidden signature motifs such as Diego Rivera including himself in his murals, Alfred Hitchcock's legendary cameo appearances in his movies, and various “Hidden Mickeys” that can be found throughout the various Disney Parks.

My two boys are now in college, and they will (before we know it) be hiding real Easter Eggs for their own children.  Today, I have decided to hide some “virtual Easter Eggs” for my two sons – right here in plain sight.  If they log in and read my blog today, they will see them, and hopefully place them in their “basket” of goals for their lives.

·         Success is the intentional, pre–mediated use of choice and decision. Unless you choose – with certainty – what it is you want, you accept table scraps by default.

·         The world is plump with opportunity. With boldness and conviction, stick a fork into the goals you want by being decisive.

·         You are born with great capabilities, but you will not achieve your potential until you call upon yourself to fulfill it. You will rise to the occasion when it presents itself; yet, to assure self–fulfillment, you must provide occasions to rise to.

·         The DIFFERENCE between what one person and another achieves depends more on goal CHOICES than on ABILITIES.

·         The profound differences between successful people and others are the goals they choose to pursue. Individuals with similar talents, intelligence, and abilities will achieve different results because they select and pursue different goals.

·         Each decision affects WHAT YOU BECOME.

·         There is no escaping this; the smallest choices are important because - over time - their cumulative effect is enormous.

·         Never overlook the obvious: The nature and direction of your life change the instant you decide what goals you want to pursue.

·         Once you make a decision, you start down a path to a new destination. At the moment the decision is made, your decision to pursue a goal alters what you are becoming. Just one spin of the lock's dial – a single choice – can alter your life, your destiny, your legacy.

·         Think about it - your goal decisions represent and express your individuality. You seal your fate with the choices you make.


·         Your dialog with success is ultimately a solo one. Decisions and goals made must be your own if you are to call your life a success.

·         Always establish the best goals you can. Goals are the seeds of success - you become only what you plant. The quality of your harvest is a direct reflection of the quality of your seeds...your decisions!

·         Indecision is the big eraser of opportunity and potential. Risks and costs accompany every decision; however, the price of decision is far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. When it comes to decisiveness, squatters have no rights.

·         How long have you dreamed of being, having, and doing what you really want? Think big, as when it comes to your goals, the size of your ambition does matter.

Regardless of your beliefs and convictions, some things were just meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.  I hope that you enjoyed my “virtual Easter Eggs” as much as I enjoyed hiding them – right here in plain sight. 

Now, what is that smell...............?

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